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Children's Choir Parent Board

      • Act as spokesperson for the Children’s Choir
      • Act as a sounding board for the Choir Parents
      • Represent the Choir Parents
      • Assist with maintenance of records
      • Receive and disburse funds as necessary and maintain a financial statement
      • Recruit volunteer help from Choir Parents for various jobs, as needed
Board Members

Sue Evans, Board President

Michelle Cano

Michelle Fitzgerald

Robe Closet Helpers

We have a rotating schedule of parents to help the children with robes and collars for masses and events. It is best to have at least two parents at the closet helping since it can become a bit hectic before and after mass when the children are handing robes and collars to you from every which way.

Please try to be there 30 minutes before mass to help the children. And before leaving (after mass), please ensure that each robe is hung on the corresponding hanger and most importantly, all robes and collars are accounted for.

Here is the schedule for 2017-2018. Please note it is your responsibility to contact another parent in the event you cannot make your scheduled time.


Director of Music Ministries
St. Paul Parish
(609) 524-0507

Co-Director Children's Choir

Co-Director Children's Choir

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