Altar Servers

All young parishioners in grades 5 through 12 (ages 10 -18) are invited to become Altar Servers. Altar Servers assist the clergy in the performance of all Sacred Ceremonies at the Sunday, Holy Day, wedding and funeral liturgies. Their responsibilities include:

      • Lighting and extinguishing the altar candles
      • Carrying the Thurible (vessel used for incense)
      • Bearing the cross and candles in the entrance procession
      • Assisting with the Holy Water
      • Assisting with water, wine and offertory gifts

All Altar Servers are required to attend initial training sessions before being scheduled to serve Mass. Servers are expected to take responsibility for showing up when scheduled, arriving early (at least 15 minutes before Mass), dressing neatly, and serving with the utmost reverence. This is an important ministry that welcomes all who are willing to make this special commitment to serve at the Altar of the Lord.

Our altar servers wear albs, the garment of the baptized, with cinctures in the colors of the seasons and feast days.


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