Summer Academy Announcements

Confirmation will be celebrated Saturday, April 14, 2018. We have two celebrations scheduled. Candidates are assigned to their celebration by their class. All candidates must attend their assigned rehearsal and bring either their sponsor or a parent/guardian with them. All candidates and sponsors must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of their celebration.

Celebration @ 9:30 am
Family Home Study, Hispanic PREP, Princeton Academy, St. Paul School, Stuart Country Day
Rehearsal on Monday, April 9 at 7:00 pm

Celebration @ 12:00 pm
Summer Academy, Sunday PREP, Tuesday PREP
Rehearsal on Wednesday, April 11 at 7:00 pm

Please email Kait with any questions:

We will have our Family Life Retreat for our children in grades Kindergarten- Fourth on Saturday, February 24th and for Fifth-Seventh on Saturday, March 10th. Each day will run from 9:00 am- 12:00 pm in the Parish School and Parish Center. This program fulfills the diocesan requirement for child safety and protection, and all children should attend. Materials are provided based on age, and not Catechetical level.

On Friday, March 9th, the children of the parish, along with the Children's Choir, will lead the parish in praying the Stations of the Cross. This expression of our faith during the Lenten season is a perfect opportunity to experience a different form of prayer. We are looking for children of our parish, especially in middle school, to volunteer to lead as readers, candle and cross bearers. Stations will begin at 7:00 pm however, we ask that children participating arrive at 6:00 pm to read through their parts and prepare for the evening. Please email if your child is interested in participating.

This year Summer Academy will meet from Sunday, July 23 through Thursday, August 3. Classes will meet Monday through Friday 9:00 am-12:00 pm. In accordance with the curriculum and policy established by the Diocese of Trenton, Summer Academy students will be expected to attend 4 sessions during the academic year. This they have suggested will help keep the families attending Summer Academy connected as a community with the parish. The dates of Family Home Study Meetings are available on the Family Home Study Tab of the faith formation section of the parish website. Please note that 2nd grade is not available through Summer Academy.

Returning families who have attended a majority of the mandatory Family Catechesis sessions this year will have priority over those who are returning and have not.

Join us December 24 for our annual Christmas Eve Family Mass. At 3:30 pm our Children's Choir will delight us in song, followed by a Nativity Pageant by our parish children. All children are welcome to participate, children Grade 2 and younger are welcome to come dressed as angels and shepherds, Grade 3 and up are welcome as narrators and others roles. Our children in middle school will take preference for more important roles. We will have our rehearsal Tuesday, December 19 in church from 6:00-7:30 pm. For more information contact us by email at

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching we encourage all families to participate in the Parish's Weekly Food Drive. Please bring non-breakable, non-perishable food items to the collection barrels at the entrances of our Church when you come for Mass. Suggested items are canned and powdered potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, canned (not jarred ) gravy, and canned vegetables. Donated items will be packaged into baskets and distributed to those in need. Please help make Thanksgiving a happier time for families in need.

The Religious Education Program communicates with families through news alerts on our parish website. We encourage all families to register for news alerts so that these announcements are sent directly to your email address. To register for Religious Education News Alerts follow the instructions below:

  1. Click here if not already on the Religious Education Program 2017-2018 page
  2. Under "Announcements" click the yellow/orange bell symbol. You will be redirected to Site Login;
  3. Click create a new account. Fill-in requested information;
  4. Click "Religious Education" (You may also check any other news alerts you would like to receive such as One8, First Reconciliation/First Eucharist, etc.);
  5. Click "Update Settings".

If you have any questions, please contact the Religious Education Office.

Mark your calendars now for your required Family Catechesis Events! All families who participate in Summer Academy are required to attend 3 Family Catechists Events. In addition, students are required to attend a Family Life Day. Family Catechesis Events are on December 3, 2017; March 4, 2018 and May 5, 2018. Family Life Day for Grades 1-4 is February 24, 2018 and for Grades 5-7, March 10, 2018.

The Confirmandi, Grade 8, should attend the Family Catechists Events with their families, however they do not need to attend Family Life Day since the material will be covered during a One8 session.

Summer Academy begins on Monday, July 24 at 9:00 am.

On the first day, Monday, July 24, parents are asked to bring their child(ren) to the School Gym. We will begin our day with prayer and a brief orientation. Children will meet and be dismissed from the gym with their catechist to their meeting place. Parents/Guardians are asked to remain in the gym until 9:30 am for orientation.

For the remaining days of Summer Academy, children in Grades 1, 3 and 5 are to be dropped off at the parish school. Children in Grades 4, 6, 7 and 8 grades are to be dropped off at the Spiritual Center. Students will be picked up from the building that they have classes. However, on Wednesdays and Fridays, we ask that all children be picked up at the school, due to the 12:10 pm Mass.

Please be attentive and courteous while operating your vehicle in the

parish parking lot as you drop-off and pick-up your child(ren).

Children will be given a daily snack break. We ask that you pack them something for each day. Please avoid sticky drinks, and plan on sending water.

Because this is an intensive program there is an expectation that the children will be in attendance every day and on time. If there is an emergency please contact the Office of Religious Education to make arrangements.

During the two-week program, all of our children will be participating in singing lessons with the head of our children's choir. Families are invited to join us on Friday, August 4, as we conclude Summer Academy for the Parish 12:10 pm Mass. Children will be dismissed from the church at approximately 1:00 pm. The children will be participating in this liturgy and singing the songs that they have learned.

Summer Academy will meet from Monday, July 24th until Friday, August 4th. The two-week program will conclude with 12:10 pm Mass on Friday, August 4. All family and friends of the program are invited to join as our children and young people sing songs that they have learned during the program at the closing Mass. Registration for Summer Academy will close on June 25 or when class spaces have been filled. Students participating in this program are expected to attend Family Life Day and three Family Catechesis sessions during the academic year as mandated by policy of the Diocese of Trenton. Dates will follow in the Fall. Please do not register for this program if you do not intend on completing this requirement. Children enrolled in Grade 8 are excused from this requirement since they will be participating in our One8 Confirmation Formation Sessions.

St. Paul Parish is seeking to hire an administrative assistant to provide support for the Religious Education Office. Religious Ed provides classes to approximately 700 children, and prepares children for Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, proficiency with Microsoft Office (Excel,Publisher, and Word) with an eye for detail, and strong organizational skills. The position is a part time requiring 24 hours per week. There is some flexibility in the work schedule. If you wish to be considered please send a resume and cover letter as an attachment by July 14, 2017 to

Fifth through seventh grade children enrolled in our Parish Religious Education Programs will gather for their Family Life Day on March 11th from 9:00 am-12:00 pm . All Religious Education Students, Family Home Study, Traditional PREP, and Summer Academy are expected to attend this retreat . The program will begin in the Saint Paul School Gym. Only the children are expected to attend. Please contact the Religious Education Office for more information.

Thank you to everyone who provided input in our Summer Academy Survey. Summer Academy for the 2017-2018 Parish Religious Education Program Year will be from Monday, July 24 through Friday, July 28, and Monday, July 31 through Friday, August 4. Please note that Summer Academy will no longer meet on Sunday afternoons. In addition to these two intensive weeks of formation, students together with their parents/guardians are expected to attend the Family Home Study/Summer Academy large group gatherings which occur periodically through the academic year. Please contact the Religious Education Office with any concerns.

Families who participated in Summer Academy this past summer were informed that in accordance with revised diocesan policy that they were expected to attend 4 faith/catechetical enrichment sessions. Children are expected to attend their age appropriate Family Life Day (Grades K-4: Saturday, Feb 25 at 9:00 am-12:00 pm and Grades 5-7: Saturday, Mar 11th at 9:00 am-12:00 pm) and three additional sessions with the Family Home Study Program (Sunday 12/4, 3/5 and 5/7) Please do not attend the 9/11 FHS orientation on Sunday, 9/11. The agenda for this meeting is for families participating in Family Home Study.