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We look forward to seeing our families preparing for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist at our Zoom Retreat on Saturday, January 30th. Links will be available on Flip Grid. We will begin at 10:30 am. This will be an opportunity for reflection, prayer, and preparation to help make our children comfortable with this new experience of Christ's love and forgiveness.

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In an attempt to complete our sacramental records, we are seeking Baptismal Certificates from children not baptized in our parish. Please scan and email these to

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As Religious Education commenced in September, we were hopeful that conditions would shift, and allow for a return to in-person classes. As the pandemic continues, a return to normal operations does not seem possible. We will conclude the 2020-2021 Religious Education year as a supported home-study model. If you are in need of assistance, please contact the Office of Religious Education.

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Every year, it is a joy to gather the children of our Parish Family together to enact the story of the Nativity during our 4:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass, especially since they also follow the joyful carols of our Children's Choir sign. Unfortunately, due to distancing, and occupancy restrictions, we won't be able to celebrate this tradition in the same way.

Here's the silver lining. Every year, we are restricted to casting only one child for special roles such as Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and the Inn Keeper, Announcing Angel and Star. This year would encourage families to open up the Nativity Narrative from Luke Chapter 2, and Matthew Chapter 1. Read this together, pick your favorite characters, create costumes, and share with the parish by email: or

We would like to dedicate a portion of the Religious Education pages to celebrating the Nativity with our families through photos, pictures, Christmas poems, and expressions of Christmas!

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2020-2021 PREP Schedule

We will begin the year as a Supported Family Home Study. Before September 20th, you should receive important links provide a digital text book (where available) assignments, and due dates. Materials should be reviewed the week listed. 

2020-2021 Parish Religious Education Program Schedule

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Kindergarten 20-21First Grade 20-21Second Grade 20-21Third Grade 20-21Fourth Grade 20-21Fifth Grade 20-21Sixth Grade 20-21Seventh Grade 20-21Eighth Grade 20-21

Families that have registered for Religious Education should have received a username/ student id for their child. Click your students grade, and enter their student id to access your scheduled lessons and resources.

(If you receive an error code when logging in with your assigned credentials, please try typing in the student id. The program is case sensitive).

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John McGuire
Office of Religious Education
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Mrs. Maureen Sano
Administrative Assistant

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