Young people begin preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation during their seventh grade year in a catechetical setting (i.e., Religious Education Program, Catholic School, Home Study). This sacramental formation provides for a child to receive an adequate knowledge of the Catholic faith in order to understand the sacrament they will be celebrating. In the following year in addition to the catechetical setting, candidates for Confirmation will also participate in our parish's Purpose program.

Purpose is a dynamic program that strives to communicate four imperative truths to teens: 

  • there is a God who loves you
  • He lives within you
  • there’s a world that needs Him
  • so He is sending you into the world.

Through these truths, teens can find their own purpose in God’s will for the world. We will share the mission of Purpose through a series of sessions that take place outside the typical classroom environment, encouraging Candidates to enter into dialogue about their personal faith life with leaders and peers. These sessions will aid our Candidates in learning how to communicate their faith, live it more fully, and promote the idea of the Church as a community of believers. In addition to being Confirmed and completing their initiation into the Church, our hope is that candidates will become true disciples of Jesus Christ. 

In accordance with the policy of the Diocese of Trenton, proximate (immediate) sacramental formation for Confirmation will occur predominately outside of the traditional religious education/classroom model that the Candidates have been participating in for most of their lives. In addition, all Candidates will receive proximate formation together as a larger parish community.


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2019-2020 Preparation Process

Name and Sponsor Selection


Confirmation Coordinator
Student Ministry
Young Adult Ministry
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Mrs. Maureen Sano
Administrative Assistant

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This year’s Confirmation program was a tremendous success and we couldn’t have done it without those who worked so hard with us throughout the entire year. We want to continue to grow for the 2019-2020 year and are offering varying ways for parishioners to support our Candidates with different degrees of time and commitment. Training and support is offered for all of the positions - if you feel God calling you to any one of these roles but are intimidated due to lack of experience, step out in faith and trust that God (and the training!) will equip you for these ministries! Anyone interested (don’t worry! You’re not committing to anything yet!) please email Kait (kmayer@stpaulsofprinceton.org)