2021 Program: Greater (Online)

What is Greater?
Greater is an online Confirmation retreat. Due to the current circumstances surrounding the pandemic, our typical model of proximate formation is not possible. With that in mind, Greater showcases ministry leaders and Catholic speakers across the country (and around the world) to build an amazing, on-demand, virtual Confirmation retreat experience. This (we pray!) will serve as a chance to create an environment of conversion at home and give young people opportunities for real world encounters with the Jesus who loves them. That’s what preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation should be all about.

Why is it called Greater?
We are all called to something greater. God loves us where we are at, but He doesn't want us to stay where we are. We are called to grow in relationship with Jesus, with each other, with our community. This retreat encourages your young people to evaluate where they are currently in their lives and challenges them to strive for something more, for something greater.

What do participants need?
Some kind of electronic device, internet, a bible (bible app is fine), snacks, a comfy environment, something to write with, an open and joyful heart, and a willingness to go all in.

What do our families need?
The adult guide that goes along with the content their teen is experiencing. It can be printed out or downloaded and used digitally.



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John McGuire
Director of Religious Education

Mrs. Maureen Sano
Administrative Assistant