Bible Study


Bible Study explores Scripture in greater depth than most of us would otherwise be able to, usually concentrating on a single book of the Bible such as one of the four Gospels, one or more of the Epistles or a book of the Old Testament. Occasionally, the group studies a Biblical theme instead of a particular book. Study materials include transcripts of lectures by experts on the subject, a book containing Scripture text with commentary, and a list of questions for discussion.

Bible Study meetings generally take place in the late winter/early spring and in the fall. The groups meet weekly in small groups during these seasons. There are no meetings during the summer and busy holiday season. Most courses require 6-12 meetings. The group usually completes its study of a particular topic during each of the two seasonal periods, but the longer courses are sometimes carries over to the following season.

The small group discussions are among the most rewarding aspects of the program. Most participants experience a deeper, more personal relationship with God, a lively experience of Christian community, a stronger sense of faith and prayer and a richer appreciation for the Church’s teachings and worship.

No prior knowledge is required for Bible Study sessions. While regular attendance and preparation is encouraged, participants are welcome to join at any time during the course of study for as many sessions as their schedule permits.

Winter 2018: The Book of Glory

This winter the St Paul Bible Study groups will read and discuss the second part of St John’s Gospel. Described as the “Book of Glory”, these chapters tell the story of the final days of Jesus’ earthly life: the last supper with his parting words to the faithful, his passion, death, and resurrection. They take us deep into the meaning of our celebration of Easter, 2018. You can select either a Wednesday morning discussion group meeting from 10:00 to 11:30 am or a Thursday evening group meeting from 7:30 to 9:00 pm. The first meeting will be January 24, the last March 22. All are welcome, including anyone who was not in the group when we read the first part of John’s Gospel. For more information and to register contact Chuck Balestri at