Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been away from the Church for some time and wish to return to active participation. How do I get “reconnected”?
The pastoral team of St. Paul Parish will gladly meet with those wishing to reconnect with the Catholic Church to answer questions, address doubts, hurts, or fears. We are here to welcome you and listen. For more information, contact our parish office at (609) 924-1743.

What are the parish office hours?
The Parish Office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 12:45 pm to 4:30 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

How do I contact the parish office?
The Parish Office telephone number is: (609) 924-1743 or by sending email to Monica Heucke, our parish administrative assistant at

How do I register with the parish?
You may either register online by clicking here or contacting the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743.

What is required to have my child baptized?
For information about baptism please visit our baptism page by clicking here or contact the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743.

How do I register my children for the Parish Religious Education Program?
For information about our Faith Formation Programs for Children click here, or contact the Religious Education Office at (609) 524-0510.

I am planning to get married. Where do we start?
All couples who are planning to be married should contact the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743.

How can I have Masses said for friends, family or deceased loved ones?
To request a Mass for deceased friends, family or loved ones, visit the Parish Office during office hours or contact at (609) 924-1743. The suggested donation is $10.

How do I arrange Holy Communion for someone who is home-bound?
If a parishioner is unable to attend Sunday Mass and wants to receive communion at home, please call the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743 and we will arrange a Eucharist Minister to visit on a regular and convenient schedule.

Who do I contact if I or a family member is sick or in the hospital?
Due to privacy regulations, St. Paul Parish is not notified automatically when a parishioner is hospitalized. If a loved one is hospitalized, please contact the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743 to arrange a pastoral visit. Ministers of Holy Communion from St. Paul Parish regularly visit Princeton Medical Center. In case of emergencies, please call the Parish Office at any time and select option #2. Please leave a message with name and phone number, if unanswered. The voice message will be forwarded to the priests.

How do I obtain a Letter of Eligibility to be a Baptismal/Confirmation sponsor?
To obtain a letter of eligibility to be a godparent or sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation you must be a registered member of St. Paul Parish. Click here for a copy of the letter. After signing the form, please forward to the Parish Office. For more information contact the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743.

How can I obtain a copy of my sacramental records?
Please call the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743.

How can I make an appointment to meet with one of the priests?
To request an appointment with one of the priests, call the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743.

Does the parish have any information I can give to my non-Catholic friends or someone who is interested in becoming a Catholic?
The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is the process for any adult seeking to become Catholic. This process is ongoing and is designed to meet an inquirer wherever they are in their faith life, journeying with them from initial questioning to a deeper commitment that leads to the celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation. For more information please call the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743.

How can I get involved in Parish Ministry?
To get involved in a parish ministry, please call the Parish Office at (609) 924-1743. Information for each individual ministry can also be found on under the Parish Life and Outreach tabs of this website.