Early Church Fathers Study Group

The Early Church Fathers Study Group is part of the St Paul's Adult Faith Formation program, and has been active since Spring 2014. We share a love of reading the original works of the Church Fathers, Saints, and Doctors who clarified the doctrine and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, thru to Vatican II. Our group exists to encourage the laity's grasp of the theological traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, and we help each other's understanding within our group discussions, where all are welcomed to participate.

Fall 2017 Schedule of Readings

Christian Teaching: Augustine of Hippo, Anselm of Canterbury, Bernard of Clairvaux, & Erasmus of Rotterdam
Saint Augustine's "Enchiridion: On Faith, Hope, and Love".

Monday, Sept. 11: Chaps 1-63: Summary of Christian Teaching.
Monday, Sept. 25: Chaps 64-122: On Sin & Grace.

Saint Augustine, "Predestination of the Saints".

Monday, Oct. 9: Chaps 1-43: "God's Promise and Predestination".

St Anselm of Canterbury, "On Truth, On Free Will, and On the Fall of the Devil"
  • A dialog between student and teacher, in three parts. Ed. by Davies & G. Evans, published 1998, Oxford's World Classics paperback.
  • Available on amazon.com. Click here.

Monday, Oct. 23: From "Major Works", pgs 151-233.

St Bernard of Clairvaux, "On Grace and Free Choice"
  • Translated by D. O'Donovan OCSO, and edited by B. Mc Ginn, Cistercian Fathers, 1988, paperback, 114 pages.
  • Available on amazon.com. Click here.

Monday, Nov 6: "On Grace & Free Choice", pgs 1-114.

Erasmus of Rotterdam, "Enchiridion", or "Handbook for a Christian Knight",
  • Metheun & Co, 1905 (reproduction, in Hardpress Classics 2012).
  • Available on amazon.com. Click here.

Monday, Nov. 20: "Introductory Epistle to a Courtier", pgs 1-40. Chaps 1-VIII, pgs 41-114, "Watchful, of Spirit, Soul, and Flesh".
Monday, Dec 4: "Against Ignorance, to Christ's Piety", Chaps IX-XIV, pgs 115-205.
Monday, Dec. 18: "Opinions and Remedies meet for a Christian", Chaps XV-XXXVIII, pgs 206-287.

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